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Whispering Through Wailuku, 1993

I like Wailuku town. It has a certain charm that comes with age and the lack of pretension.

One thing that makes Wailuku unusual is that it has a strange web of waterways moving through it. I assume the water comes from Iao. I followed one around town once. It was an open flume of clean water moving fast although fairly silent for how quickly it was going.

I followed it as it disappeared under the street. Across the way, you could hear it falling and see flickers of light on the surface as it meandered through bamboo embankments and houses. This particular view is a segment of the flume located directly across the street from the Wailuku fire house. This is mid-town Wailuku. Most people find it nice to hear that I found this scene right in the middle of a little Hawaiian city.

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