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Aunt Mary's Bougainvillea, 2002

This painting is titled Aunt Mary's Bougainvillea, although its title could just as easily be Wedding Beach. Why? Because at least once a day, somebody gets married on the beach depicted in the painting. Sometimes it's two or three weddings a day. Since 1973, we've been going to Aunt Mary's beach house (which is just out of the picture to the left) and before our eyes, Wailea has transformed into a bustling high-class beach resort where some people come to get married.

There we are in our flip flops and swimsuits jumping off the rocks into the water, the kids boogie boarding and having water fights, when suddenly a bride and groom will appear on the beach for a ceremony in front of a minister and a video camera. The contrast between informal and formal is interesting. The couple usually looks a little self-conscious and we try our best to move out of their big moments.

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