Mission Statement

The mission of the Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery is to bring the highest aesthetic qualities of classical realism to the island of Maui and the world beyond.

Our mission of providing quality applies to everything we do. At the Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery we have been called obsessive and perfectionistic, but we don't mind. We know our clients appreciate our standards.


Our frames are expensive. We like that. They should be. They are individually hand-polished instrument-grade koa unmatched in quality by any business in the state. The same koa is highly coveted for making the finest guitars, ukuleles, and furniture.

The koa is difficult to obtain. We have been buying the best for so long that this quality of koa is known as "Curtis Sticks." If customers want average koa, we can give them references to businesses that sell it. We use only top-of-the-line furniture-piece koa frames, as per our mission statement.


Our Giclees and original stretcher bars have been custom ordered in specific sizes with "stretcher keyed corners" to allow the owner to tighten the canvas at any time the canvas may need tightening. These stretcher bars are costly in both materials and time. Most prints and originals come with a fixed, unstretchable miter, stapled in the corners. We do this to provide our clients with the same quality I put into my original paintings. In fact, they are exactly the same stretcher bars I use on my original paintings.


Our "crash-tested-crating" is not a puncturable styrofoam-filled cardboard box. Our crates are built to protect the artwork in either shipping or long term storage, surrounding the art with heavy wood construction, secured with screws and washers. The contents are completely encased in a bubble-wrap envelope for both cushion and moisture protection. The quality of our crating is consistent with our mission statement.


Many galleries don't insure their shipments. We ALWAYS insure.