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Lavender Spring

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Greetings from Maui!

My newest limited edition giclee entitled Lavender Spring, (Kupulau Kai 'Ina) has now arrived in the gallery.

From my perspective, one of the most inspirational areas on Maui is above and around the pastures of Makawao. It is eternally green there. In the afternoon, the sun lowers below the cloud layer and bathes the area in golden light in a never-ending variety of patterns. After all my years of living here, it never fails to take my breath away. You never know how or when such lighting events will take shape. They never appear the same way twice. It depends on the weather and clouds, the season, and the time of day. So when I see something interesting happening, my wife and kids have become accustomed to my sudden distraction. I pull off the road, jump out of my car, and try to get a strong mental picture of it to paint in my next painting. Over the decades my portfolio of paintings is fundamentally a record of interesting lighting events.


Lavender Spring

Lavender Spring by Curtis Wilson Cost

Lavender Spring by Curtis Wilson Cost

Lavender Spring Framed Mini by Curtis Wilson Cost

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We warmly invite you to visit the Cost Gallery website to view more of my paintings as well as new originals by my daughter, Julia Allisson Cost, and my son Elliott Wilson Cost. I remain, as ever, a proud father.

Me ke aloha pumehana (with the warmest aloha),

Curtis Wilson Cost
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