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Thousand Peaks, 2003

There is a surf spot on the way to Lahaina called Thousand Peaks, named that because there as so many places on the reef where the swells peak and break. All along the shoreline Kiawes trees lean out over the sand. I find these places compelling for the rich coloration of rocks and vegetation casting shadows and reflections on the sand in contrast to the translucency of the water's edge in the strong light.

Painting a subject is one way to really take it all in. In order to thoroughly observe something, absorption into the subject matter is required. A rhythm is established between the brush, the palette, and the canvas. It's hard to step away from that process. You lose track of time. Distractions fade into the background.

After only a few days of painting, I found myself closer to finishing than usual. The piece was processing nicely. I allowed myself to keep on going. I stayed in the zone throughout the entire night and finished this piece at 5:30 in the morning.

The reward goes beyond the creation of another painting. It is the total submersion into the dance of working wet paint into something which expresses the subject at hand, and losing yourself in that process.

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