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Secret Beach, 2020

They say two weddings happen every day at Secret Beach; one in the morning light and one in the golden hour at the end of the day. Very few of them took place over the last year. The beaches and hotels were empty during most of 2020. It was the perfect time to paint there because, other than an occasional fisherman, I had Secret Beach completely to myself. It reminded me of Makena in the early 70s. It was nice, yet the reason for it was sobering. In my solitary hours spent there, the contemplation of these things sent home a deeper message. Regardless of the life changing human events taking place throughout the world, the beach remained consistently gorgeous, consistently moving and untouched by the human drama taking place. All the while, the bright turquoise water illuminated by the sandy bottom contrasted against the rich lava shoals. Just off shore, two islands showcase their beauty in the various light throughout the day. There is no fairer beach on the island of Maui than Secret Beach, in my humble opinion, because it is a steady reminder of life's first principles. While much about life is impermanent, beauty is everlasting.

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