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Hawaiian Teriyaki, 1992

I was sitting in a restaurant when a mainland family with children sat down at the table next to us. As the kids were going over the menu, one of them asked his father what Hawaiian Teriyaki was. The father teasingly replied that it was a dish made from those little animals they'd seen scampering across the cane roads. The kids squealed and I laughed, giving away the fact that I was eavesdropping.

For years I had thought of doing a mongoose scampering across a cane road, and this incident gave me a title.

I painted this painting back in 1992 and kept it in my personal collection. One day in 1996, I added an oil layer, thus making it a mixed media oil and acrylic. I dated the update 1996. Some paintings are like children, it takes me years to let them go.

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