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Friends at the Beach, 2009

Pastureland used to border the beaches in Makena back in the seventies. It was sleepy and quiet all the way to La Perouse Bay. There was no Wailea back then, no hotels or condos; just miles of greens and blues and the rustle of shore breezes through the grass and kiawe. From Kula, we'd take a very rocky dirt road through Ulupalakua to the beach in only 18 minutes. We'd spend the morning in the water and seldom see another soul. We knew, intuitively, its rural nature would not last. I painted the area more than any other coastline on Maui. There was always an odd urgency about getting it in paint, as if it would slip away if I didn't pay it close attention. All those years in the area serve me well now. I paint it today as it was back then.

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