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Cistern, 1997

In the days before county water systems, cisterns were an efficient way to store water. I find they provide interesting shapes and color in the landscape. This one reflected directly the colors of the setting sun. I look for reasons to use full saturated color. When I hunt for the subject matter, one of the elements I look for is rich coloration and I can always find rich colors at the end of the day. The hues gradually become richer as the day transforms into the full blaze just before sunset. The sky becomes very painterly, the hills streak with amber light creating shadows that are blue violet. It doesn't last long. Anticipation is a large part of the process. This painting was painted on location from 4pm until dark. Most of the time was spent standing in the rain. On Maui, even on rainy days where I'm soaked to the skin as I was when this was painted, I know the sun will get below the clouds and do its light show. It's always worth it.

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