Tedeschi Winery to Kula Gallery

The following is a scenic drive through beautiful Upcountry Maui to the actual sites that inspired many important oil paintings by Curtis Wilson Cost. Our drive ends with a visit to The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery at the Kula Lodge on Hwy 377. Kula Gallery hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm 7 days a week.

  1. We begin this tour at the parking lot of the tasting room of Mauiís Winery on Hwy 36 in the center of beautiful Ulupalakua Ranch. (See top image, The Tasting Room)
  2. Heading north, the first painting we arrive at is called Back Road to Makena located on the ocean side of the highway, 1.2 miles from the starting point. The painting is a depiction of the entrance to the old road to Makena. It was closed over 20 years ago. It zigzagged through the cattle lands from this point and connected to the coastal road at Makena landing. It took approximately 18 minutes to get to the beach, although it required a car.
  3. Continuing on, at 1. 7 miles we arrive at the site of Lunch in Ulupalakua on the right. Go very slowly. As you enter the curve at 1.8, look up the hill towards the concrete silo.
  4. Drive on through the stunning countryside until 4.0 miles. Although now quite disheveled, the plantation house on the right was once a handsome country cottage that appeared in Front Yard Oranges.
  5. (For your information, at 5.6 miles you will arrive at Grandmaís Coffee House and Ching's Store and gas station. At 5.7 miles, Keokea park, which has public restrooms, and at 5.8 miles, St Joseph's Episcopal Church.)
  6. At 6.7 miles you will come to the site of the painting Gathering Gold. It was painted from the gap in the guardrail on the ocean side of the highway. It is a must see at sunset.
  7. At 7.1 miles you will come to A Quiet Moment. Look between the mirrors on the ocean side of the road.
  8. Continue on to 8.4 miles and turn right on Highway 377 (Kekaulike)
  9. At 8.8 miles, Front Porch Fuchsia is on the ocean side of the road, although the house has been replaced by a new one.
  10. (F.Y.I, Kula Botanical Gardens is located at 9.0 miles)
  11. At 10.4 miles, the painting Kula Plum is way up on the right side of the open pasture.
  12. At 10.5 miles, on the right, an overgrown hedge hides the rock wall lining either side of the drive appearing in two paintings: Mutual Curiosity and Agapanthus for Lunch.
  13. At 10.7 miles, two more paintings came from the pasture on the right: Green Flash and First Light in the Morning Air.
  14. At 11.6 miles, keep to the left as you pass by the entrance to the road to Haleakala Crater or you will end up at the top of the mountain.
  15. At 12.3 miles, you will arrive at the Kula Lodge and Restaurant and The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery.

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