Olinda to Gallery

Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery: Olinda to Gallery
  1. Just .1 mile more on the right, or .9 from the odometer reset, you'll see The Farrier.
  2. Now it's time to do a U-turn, bearing right on Hanamu Road. ...at 1.3 from the reset, you'll come to a widening pasture on the left. This is the site of The Cow and the Calf (it was painted in the middle of the pasture, in the rain, no less).
  3. Turn left up Hwy 377. Watch for fast-moving vehicles. At 1.4 miles you'll see an old cistern in the middle of the hill on the left.
  4. At 4.4 miles Old Jac shows up as the first in a long tunnel of Jacaranda trees. As you enter them you'll see Lavender Passage.
  5. At 5.7 miles, the last stop is our destination, the Kula Lodge and Restaurant, home of The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery.

Thanks for joining us!

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