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Julia Cost was born and raised in pastoral upcountry Maui, Hawaii, where she developed a deep love for towering trees, open skies, and sweeping ocean views. Immersed in a family of artists, her appetite for creating was nurtured from a young age. She quickly became passionate about both the physical challenge and emotive experience of dance and the careful quiet practice of capturing the world on canvas through painting, and she studied both intensively throughout her youth. She went on to earn a double BA in Studio Art and Dance from Scripps College and a MFA in Dance from University of California, Irvine. From 2011-2017 Julia resided in the beautiful Bay Area, and in 2018 she returned to Maui to continue her artistry where her heart is most at home. Julia has been painting professionally since 2005.

I love watching people who are completely engrossed in reading a book, the gentleness of their head inclined forward, the rapt softness of their eyes as they soak in words. Or a person who is listening in earnest to another person, absorbing everything, nodding in comprehension. Or a person whose eyes are wide open, trying to take in all of the details of a view, desiring to experience and understand something larger than him or herself. In all of these moments, the self is sustained, but it is also unfolded to envelop something greater.

What I find most beautiful are not objects, places, people, or the words and artwork that attempt to describe them. Rather I love that human's appreciation, fascination, and attention to things outside of themselves to create these words and artworks. It is attentiveness, and its elusiveness as a choice that must be effortfully made, that I find truly beautiful.

For me, making art is about teaching myself to see and listen to you.

Julia Cost's art is on display online at juliacost.com and can be purchased through The Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery.

An article about Julia Allisson Cost in the San Francisco Chronicle, October 2014 at www.sfgate.com/travel/article/Art-of-the-hula-beckons-painter-Julia-Cost-in-5828232.

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