Highest Quality Koa Wood Frames

We are proud of our reputation for using the finest wood available for framing. Grown on the big island of Hawaii, Hawaiian Koa has become so coveted that it has rocketed in value.

The Custom Hawaiian Koa Frames of the Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery are hand-picked and constructed by our in-house artisan from solid, select-grade, Big Island Koa.

Below and to the right are examples of our 4 different varieties of frames.

The 3/5/6 pieces refer to the components of the frame. For example, the 6 piece frame is comprised of: (1) a piece of koa, (2) a gold filet, (3) a 2nd piece of koa, (4) a linen or silk liner, (5) a 3rd piece of koa, (6) a 2nd gold filet.

The Three Piece Koa and Five Piece Koa Frames are below...

3 & 5 Piece Koa Frames

Displayed to the right are the Six Piece Koa Frame and the Six Piece Koa Frame with Blue Silk liner, and the new One Piece, unmatted Koa Frame.

The new One Piece solid Hawaiian Koa wood frames are approximately 1.25 inch deep (toward the wall) and provide a much cleaner, simpler view of the painting without the distraction of matting and more ornate framing.