Curtis Wilson Cost's Kula Studio

Kula, Maui has been my central subject matter since moving here from Oahu in 1973. The pictures show my studio. It has been a creative sanctuary for me since 1984, when I had it built to my design specs.

Curtis Wilson Cost in his Kula, Maui studio

Two things of note in the photo to the right: the mahl stick in my hand allows me to keep from smearing paint with my palm when doing fine detail work, and just behind my back is a computer monitor where I have a slew of digital reference pictures of the location I’m painting. After initially beginning the work on location, this allows me the luxury of finishing  months of work in the comfort of my studio.

Below is another contraption, for those interested...
I use cuckoo clock weights and pulleys to counter-balance the weight of the canvas, allowing me to easily adjust the height of the work with the touch of my hand.

Curtis uses cuckoo clock weights to adjust the height of the painting