Curtis Wilson Cost Sketches

Curtis Wilson Cost Gallery: Curtis Wilson Cost Sketches

"For as far back as I can recall, whenever I was about to draw a sketch, it has always been accompanied by a feeling. It's a sensation identical to what I experience when I'm sitting in a quiet room about to play the piano. Potential is the common element. The silence, the unmarked paper... both contain no end of possibility. I always pause to take it all in, to contemplate all that I might do with it. It's a mixture of risk and excitement all wrapped up in mystery.

Sketching is a performance that requires a state of mind similar to music. There is a flow and rhythm that draws the composition to life. The first marks are usually dashed off quickly to capture the essence. Sometimes this is all it takes and the work moves quickly to canvas. More often, it develops into a thoroughly studied drawing. The notion is that strong paintings always begin with strong drawings."


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